About Global Impact Jam

Nov 9-11, 2018 | Vallastaden, Linköping, Sweden
Global Impact Jam is a Creaton and a festival for the greater good. Get together with talents from all around the world and create new solutions for a better world. During one weekend we focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how we together can be a part of the answers for the future.

An open innovation event

Global Impact Jam is an open innovation, co-working event. The event addresses the UN’s 17 global goals to contribute to a more sustainable future where equality and diversity is a matter of course. As Partner and owner of the challenge we got NIRA Dynamics who has developed a challenge that concern issues such as equal recruitment, lack of competence and climate change. During one weekend 20 talents will work towards the chosen global goals and present sustainable and innovative solutions for the business community.

Divi Meetups Held



Divi Meetups Held

Challenges – This is what you are going to solve

Working in an industry based on the given norm “guys who like cars” is a challenge as we want to increase diversity and make the gender distribution more equal at our workplaces. How should we describe the industry in a way that appeals to more people? How do we reach out with the message about moving from the automotive industry to MaaS (Mobility as a Service)? How do we communicate how social development together with technology development is about to revolutionize our industry?
The whole world should be our base of recruitment – we want the best talents regardless of where they live today. How do we elevate our recruitment process from being local to global? In which channels and forums should we work to reach our target talents, whom we are currently unable to communicate with? How can we design our application process to enable the applicants to show off their skills, regardless of background, language and gender? What skills and processes are required in our business to make it possible to have the whole world as a recruitment base? 
How should we develop our working methods to make sure it is possible for competence from all over the world to be part of, and contribute to, Niras business? The vision is to have teams and individuals all over the world, and at the same time minimize the number of trips. The challenges that Nira faces is how to get a fully functional business with a decentralized/distributed development? What will be the challenges and how do we prepare the organization for that kind of change?

Competence – who can be a part of Global Impact Jam?

During the weekend we want to put together different kinds of competence because we know that expertise in various areas makes the best output. The talents will work together and inspire each other with their points of view to reach the best solutions. We are looking for competence in these areas:
  • IT engineers and developers
  • Recruitment
  • Sustainability
  • Mobility as a Service
  • Gamification
  • Integration
  • Design Thinking
  • Employer branding

The event will be held 9-11. of November in Vallastaden in Linköping

Friday: Kickoff, get to know each other and the challenge.
Saturday: Work, work, work and inspiring keynote speakers 08.00-20.00.
Sunday: Work, presentation and learning opportunity.

Interested? Want to learn more? Questions? Let us know!

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